4 Chemicals That Could Be In Your Drinking Water


According to recent research, there could be some dangerous chemicals in the water you drink. Also, he filter you currently use may not be getting rid of them. “Check your city’s annual water report and choose filters that are certified for removing contaminants in your area,” says Cheryl Luptowski, a home-safety expert for NSF International. Here… continue reading »

Protein-Pound it or Lose it?


There are a bunch of studies out there that say that keeping a diet that’s high in protein can help you lose weight. However, there is a new drawback you should be thinking about: “A new study suggests that consuming a diet packed with protein can boost your chances of developing kidney disease and/or painful kidney stones.”… continue reading »

Dramatic Roadside Rescue of Infant as Strangers perform CPR on Child

Miami Highway

When you hear a story like this, it helps to put things into perspective.  Pamela Rauseo was driving on Miami’s Dolphin Expressway, when she realized that her 5-month-old nephew, Sebastian de la Cruz, wasn’t breathing.  He was born prematurely, and has respiratory issues.  She pulled over, got out of the car, and took the baby… continue reading »

Rev Up Your Metabolism!


During the Winter months, there are many who prefer to beat the chill and stay indoors, which can result in not getting needed exercise. Although you should try to go to the gym regularly, take the stairs, or even walk around your house or office every half hour or so, here are 9 foods that… continue reading »

Woman Suffers Mini-stroke at 24


Sarah Silverman, no relation to the Wreck-It Ralph actress: A 24 year old women with a hectic, full life, one that didn’t factor in a medical emergency.  “At 24years old,” she said, “I never saw this coming.” “About three months ago, I was standing in my kitchen making dinner when my vision went blurry. My… continue reading »

14 Health and Wellness Tips for 2014!

Although we’re already almost a month into the New Year, hopefully many of us are trying to keep a list of things we want to do to help us be healthier and happier. Here are 14 useful tips you can try each month, each week or each day to help you on the journey of… continue reading »

CVS To Discontinue Cigarettes


Healthcare is thrilled – CVS Caremark is going to discontinue the sale of cigarettes as well as other tobacco products Incredible news “in its more than 7,600 locations nationwide by October 1, CVS Caremark President and CEO Larry J. Merlo announced in a press release on February 5. The company estimates that the removal of these… continue reading »

4 Weight Loss Enemies


Surprising as it may be, losing weight is not always the problem for people-it’s keep it off that’s difficult!  However, the  American Journal of Preventive Medicine study “pinpoints the four main lifestyle behaviors that cause former weight-loss winners to put the pounds back on.” For the study, researchers from The Miriam Hospital followed 3,000 people—all of… continue reading »

3 Weekend Tips for Losing Weight


I know it’s easy to eat more on the weekends; you spend more time at home, with friends, and that’s when all the snacks that are not at all good for you come out. However, follow these easy tips, and keep yourself on track with a healthy week to come. 1) Split the snacks you’re… continue reading »

Red Light, Green Light-Food Edition


Massachusetts General Hospital’s cafeteria was given a makeover in March, 2010. Foods that were healthy were given a “green light,” while less healthy foods were given a yellow one, and the unhealthiest foods were labeled with a “red light.”  Besides this, the healthy foods were placed in easy to access in the cafeteria, and the unhealthy… continue reading »

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