Deputies learn CPR for their K9 Partners

German Shepherd

My cousin is a police officer. He just got a new German Shepherd as a partner, and is now part of the K9 unit. But what do you do if your dog needs CPR? A veterinarian took some time to teach a group of deputies how to perform CPR on their dogs should they require… continue reading »

Get CPR and Choking Posters Today


We’ve heard many stories about people’s lives being saved, and not just from trained professionals. There are situations in which the rescuer had used a nearby poster to know what to do when someone needed rescuing. These posters are actually required for certain types of businesses, but we’d love to see these in as many… continue reading »

Adorable pool rescue to make your day!


You thought the fireman resuscitating a kitten was adorable? Wait until you witness this heartwarming rescue. Rick Gruber, a pool repairman in Phoenix, Arizona found a little ground squirrel floating in a pool near where he was working. Rather than fishing it out and dumping it in the weeds, he tried to resuscitate it with compressions…. continue reading »

Fire Safety Training is Now Available

Fire Safety Training - Extinguisher

Does your company need fire safety training? We’ve launched our new OSHA compliant workplace fire safety training program just in time for the new year. This is a program that was requested by many of our clients and we’re pleased to be able to offer this program. The training covers everything from prevention of fires… continue reading »

Gender May Affect Quality of Sleep


Having trouble sleeping at night? As unfair as it seems, which gender you are may in fact be affecting your quality of sleep. A study published in the journal Sleep Medicine surveyed 8,480 people about their sleep habits.  Questions about when they fell asleep, how long they slept, and if they experienced any difficulties drifting… continue reading »

ProTrainings makes Bizrates Circle of Excellence for 2014


We’re very excited to announce that we’ve made Bizrate’s Circle of Excellence for the second year straight. It’s a credit to our customer service team, and thank you to our many customers for making this possible. It’s our pleasure to provide high quality training for you.

“The amount of blood was amazing…” Why You Should Know how to Handle a Deadly Fall


Deb Nordlie was just leaving a restaurant and going to her car when she saw a woman trip over a curb and hit the ground hard. Nordlie said, “The amount of blood was amazing. I dashed over and made her stay steady. Two passersby asked how they could help, so I had one call 911… continue reading »

Are furry friends messing with your sleep?


I have to admit, when my sister’s little fluffy dog is occasionally curled up behind my legs or by my stomach, it’s pretty cozy! However, it’s a rare occasion because the little fur ball wakes me up in the middle of the night. (It’s not fun.)  According to a new study, 30% of pet owners… continue reading »

Saved a Life: Mother saves son days after learning CPR

Tammy Schneider

CPR training came just in time for a mother and her child. Tammy Schneider, a Kent District Library employee for 14 years, was told that the library was putting together an online CPR and First Aid training for all staff through a company called ProTrainings. “Personally, I thought it was a great idea,” said Schneider. “I think… continue reading »

What do Sumo wrestlers, cardboard boxes, and CPR training have in common?


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could complete your CPR training entirely online? Can you imagine how convenient and efficient it would be to start and finish your learning CPR experience from the comfort of your own home? Can you imagine paying a fraction of the cost for your training kit and classes than what… continue reading »