When does Old Age Begin?

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When does Old Age Begin?This will probably surprise just about anyone that reads it.  I was surprised when I read it, myself.  But the crazy thing is that it sort of makes sense, when you think about it Biblically.  About 2000 years ago life expectancy was relatively short, and while we are living longer, the stages our bodies go through have not really drastically changed.

When you hear the word “elderly” what age number do you think?  Seventy?  Eighty?  Ninety?

In a study of 2000 men and women aged 18 to 60, over a seven year period, it was found that brain function peaks at 22 and begins to decline at 27.  And no, I did not type that incorrectly. No typo there!  I say this as I have just turned 28:  I suppose all of those jokes about being old that I hear from the teens when I help on retreats are all true, to some degree.

Senior moments tend to begin to happen shortly after we turn 22, which again is when the brain peaks.

The people involved in the study, mostly in good health and well-educated, had to solve visual puzzles, recall words and story details and spot patterns in letters and symbols.

Similar tests are often used to diagnose mental disabilities and diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

The research, led by Professor Timothy Salthouse, reported in the academic journal Neurobiology of Aging, found that in nine out of 12 tests the average age at which the top performance was achieved was 22.

The first age at which performance was significantly lower than the peak scores was 27 — for three tests of reasoning, speed of thought and spatial visualization. Memory was shown to decline from the average age of 37. In the other tests, poorer results were shown by the age of 42.

So, are we going to start seeing AARP cards at age 27?  And more importantly, do I now qualify for a Hover-round?

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