The Challenges of e-Learning for the Traditional CPR Instructor

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With the rise in popularity of e-learning, it may feel like, as an instructor, you may be replaced.

Well, we don’t want that to happen! In fact, we’d love for you join our team!

You’ll still be able to utilize everything that you’ve been doing and were trained to do, just in a different setting.

AND it’s a simple way to earn some extra cash.

For instructors who already hold a current certification, simply register at

(It is recommended that you complete the skill evaluator training and choose the 100% online version, since no skill evaluation is required for current instructors.) 

Simply fax or email a copy of your current instructor credentials to us and we’ll get you in our system.

Since you’re already an instructor, you probably already have the necessary equipment needed for a skill evaluation, i.e. mannequin, AED, etc. So, there’s no need to purchase anything else. And there are no DVDs or books needed to become a skill evaluator.

We do all the leg work for you to provide you with clients in your area who require a hands-on component in addition to their online training.

You set your price (most charge around $25 per skill evaluation) and we give the student your contact information to connect and schedule a time and date to meet. It’s that simple. 🙂

PS: If you’re not a current instructor but are still interested in becoming a skill evaluator, we’d love to have you too! Just visit to register. We’d love to have you come on board. Cheers!

Katrina Scheer

Katrina Scheer

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