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During the Winter months, there are many who prefer to beat the chill and stay indoors, which can result in not getting needed exercise. Although you should try to go to the gym regularly, take the stairs, or even walk around your house or office every half hour or so, here are 9 foods that can help give your metabolism a boost as well!

1. Egg Whites. “Egg whites are rich in branched-chain amino acids, which keep your metabolism stoked,” says Chicago nutritionist David Grotto. Besides that, egg whites have protein and vitamin D.

2. Lean Meat.  Believe it or not, lean meat is actually chock full of iron. You should eat 3-4 servings of iron-rich foods daily, including chicken or “fortified cereal.”

3. Water. “If you’re even mildly dehydrated, your metabolism may slow down,”  says Dr. Scott Isaacs, clinical instructor of medicine at the Emory University School of Medicine. Drink cold water, because it burns more calories to warm it to body temp.

4.  Chili peppers. “Chili peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical compound that can kick metabolism into higher gear,” Isaacs says. He notes that it is good to add a tablespoon of chopped chili peppers to one meal per day. Another added bonus is that chili peppers are a source of vitamin C!

5. Coffee. There was a study published in Physiology & Behavior that stated, “the average metabolic rate of people who drank caffeinated coffee was 16% higher than that of those who drank decaf.”

6. Green Tea.  This blend “contains a plant compound EGCG, which promotes fat-burning, research suggests.”

7. Milk. A study done by Michael Zemel, the former director of The Nutrition Institute at the University of Tennessee that states that ingesting calcium can possibly help you digest fat more productively.

8. Whole Grains. Although more and more people are developing gluten intolerance, for those who eat wheat, you should be eating whole grains to “help your body burn more fat because they take extra effort to break down than processed grains, like white bread and pasta.” Also, whole foods are a rich source of fiber, such as brown rice and oatmeal.

9. Lentils. It turns out, about 20% of women are iron deficient, which means your body is not able to work as productively in burning calories when it’s doesn’t have what it needs to perform. 1 cup of lentils=35% of your daily iron needs.

Source: CNN-Health 

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