Regarding Bloodborne Pathogens Training – Customer Support

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Many have about our bloodborne pathogens training, and if we meet the OSHA requirements.  The simple answer is yes, we do meet the OSHA requirements. We are available M-F 9am-5pm EST to answer questions via email and phone support. In addition to that, we have qualified trainers available via cell phone for important questions.

When an employer uses our video training for the content of the bloodborne pathogens training, it is the employer who becomes the trainer. In that case, the employer needs to be available to answer the students questions. Often an employer has a designated safety manager who carries out those duties. Even when employees use our online version, the employer is still the trainer who needs to support the employee’s questions. A major benefit of our training is that we do not just sell materials or training content. We fully support our training and are available to answer the employer’s and employee’s questions. Most organizations that provide bloodborne pathogens training do not provide nearly the amount of support that we can provide.

It is standard practice for employers to offer self-paced bloodborne pathogens training using DVD video, internet, or simple written materials. It is the responsibility of the employer to choose a training method that properly prepares their employees for their job duties. We would be happy to provide the training for your company if you desire.

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