Proposal: All N.J. Students Required To Learn CPR; Poll

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Proposal: All N.J. Students Required To Learn CPR; PollThere is a proposal for all New Jersey students to be required to learn CPR.  It’s going to be up for vote this summer, in July.  The bill was introduced by New Jersey Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan on Thursday, that would have two outcomes.  First, teens would be tested for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – or an enlarged heart.  Second, the bill would also require all students and staff in New Jersey schools to know CPR and to have defibrillators.

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a heart condition that kills about 75 student athletes across the nation each year.  One of the symptoms of it is unusual fatigue.

The question that I have is this: Should CPR be required in all schools across the country, not just New Jersey?  Vote in our poll!

Should CPR be a required class in schools Nationwide?

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Discuss below.  Not only if it should, but how often should a refresher course be taught?  Should it be include AED use and Hands-Only CPR?

Paul Martin

Paul Martin

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  1. Erlinda Castaneda

    Now days, most of our children are on drugs, alcohol or sports. They just don’t know their limits and tragic appears. Cpr will helpful and may be very handy in any age. This should be taught in school (gym classes).

  2. Richard

    I believe CPR should be taught in schools and at work. Rather be safe than sorry. Refreshers coarse should be every 5-7 months just to keep the skills fresh.

  3. Natividad B.Peralta

    I definitely agreed with this proposal.CPR will be a life saving to anybody as long as it is properly applied,that is why this coarse should be introduce by a professional skilled/trained person.

  4. Ted

    I completely agree with this proposal. I’ve been a paramedic for 10 years now, 2 of those years in NJ. It’s not a hard skill to learn. Even if you don’t refresh it, you’ll always have the training in the back of you head. We (EMS) can’t be everywhere all the time. Often times, it’s too late when we arrive on the scene of a cardiac arrest. If more people where trained in CPR, I believe the out of hospital cardiac arrest survival rate would be much higher. I for one applaud NJ for this proposal, and hope other states follow suit.

  5. Erica A. Sick

    I agree CPR have to be taught in shcools and at work place. Nationawide.

  6. Estelle Baum, R.N.

    We teach our children to dial 911 for help at an early age, so learning( at an appropiate age) CPR would be an extension of this learning. Teen-agers have the capabilities of strength and learning CPR. I feel classes should be offered, but not mandatory.

    1. Caroline, UK

      I have been teaching children 10-11 years, along with other trainers from the NHS, how to deliver CPR for the past 3 years. The programme has been running for 10+ years. There is 100 % feed back, and the children absorb the information like sponges. We have had numerous reports of the children trained putting casualties in Recovery Position and doing other first aid taught to them.
      The children don’t always like giving the rescue breaths and there is often a significant delay in giving breaths after compressions, so the updated guidelines of stressing doing compressions and “choosing” to give rescue breaths would be beneficial.

  7. Johnathan

    I think that this is a start….If a HS Graduation requirement nation wide was an EMR or EMT Many more lives could be saved from trauma…not just SCA.

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