ProCPR Launches New Design

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We’ve been working on a new site design, for ProCPR, to provide you with better service than ever before. Over the last few years, through phone support and growth, we’ve been taking everything that we’ve been hearing you say and putting it all into the site, creating a more streamlined user experience.

Student sign-up is easier than ever, with a simplified form that requires much less information up-front. And we’ve created new pages that help to explain some of our more recently frequently asked questions. We’re excited to finally be able to roll this out to you, and we’re hopeful that you’ll enjoy the website more than ever before.

One of the first things you’ll probably notice about the website is the colors we’ve used this time around. Gone is the very red banner that we’d used for the past five-plus years. Instead, we’ve opted to go with a more soothing color-set, with blues and greens. In researching color schemes for this new design, we found that most hospital websites, and in fact, more medical websites used blues and greens due to the calming nature of the colors. This will make our learning environment more comfortable.

We’ve also moved the navigation from the left side, removing some of the items that were no longer relevant, and placing it at the top and bottom of the website, giving us more screen real estate to use for the test and other information. We’ve also taken the opportunity to make the site a little wider.

We’re pleased to be able to offer the same great service that you’ve come to know and love, and we are hopeful to continue that relationship well into the future.

Old Design:

ProCPR - Old Design

New Design:

ProCPR - New Design

Paul Martin

Paul Martin

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