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Playground equipment that is purchased for your own yard should be installed on a shock-absorbing surface such as mulch, shredded rubber, or wood chips to protect children if they fall. Be sure to remove any large rocks that may be in the area, which can cause tripping or other injuries.

Be sure to inspect all playground equipment for sharp edges, bolts, or metal pieces that could injure your child. Be sure that there are no areas where your child’s fingers or toes could get pinched, and no part of the playground equipment should be removable.

Seats on swing sets should be made out of soft material such as rubber.

Don’t tie leashes, ropes-including jump ropes, or any other cords onto or near the play equipment. These items can cause choking or tripping hazards.

Feel the temperature of the surfaces of metal slides or other metal surfaces that could burn your child.

Home trampolines can be very dangerous, and are not recommended for children. They can cause fall injuries, and are commonly associated with broken bones and head injuries.

Children should be supervised by an adult at all times when playing on playground equipment.

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  1. Natalie

    Great tips! Playground surfacing is very important for the safety of children.

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