Personal Loss Fuels Commitment to Save Babies’ Lives

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Mending Hearts for IDK (which stands for Ian Delaney Koehl) is an organization based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, which seeks to effect change in their community.

Their mission is simple: to train parents to confidently perform infant CPR.

This passion was birthed from personal experience.

Nita Koehl founded this organization at midnight on October 15th, 2010, after attending the Indianapolis Luminary for National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

When her second son, Ian, was just eight months old, he was napping soundly in his bed. But when her husband James came in to check on him, he found he had stopped breathing.

James wasn’t trained in what to do. And although Nita had watched a video about what to do in a situation like this when she was in the hospital, James hadn’t been there to see it. He didn’t know CPR, much less how to perform it on his infant son.

Ian was rushed to the hospital, but it was too late. The doctors were unable to revive him.

As a result of this tragedy, the couple is committed to finding a way to prevent this from happening in other families.

They are working hard to get a law passed that will require hospitals in the state of Indiana to provide free infant CPR training for new parents.

Learn more about their story and this campaign.

Their story reminded me of a similar story I heard recently.

A couple of weeks ago, I spoke with a first-time grandma who told me of her son and daughter-in-law. They had just had their first child, but already, within the first week of bringing him home from the hospital, he had to be revived three times.

The grandma I spoke with was a certified nurse, but the parents of the child had no medical training experience and were terrified.

Grandma was planning to rush over to their house the next morning, but wondered if there was anything that ProTrainings could provide them with in the meantime.

I gave her the link to this free infant CPR training video, which includes many other links to infant training videos I thought would be helpful for the new parents.

She was SO grateful. This was EXACTLY what she was looking for!

Nita, from Mending Hearts, feels the same way. She is SO excited to partner with ProTrainings to help save as many lives as she can. “Even if we save ONE baby’s life, it’s worth it.” she said.

I have a feeling she will help save MANY more than that.

Please join ProTrainings, Nita, James, and all those who are working hard to equip people with the life-saving training of CPR. Spread the word to any new parents you know by telling them to visit for their free infant CPR training.


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