Patient trapped in a 23-year ‘coma’ was conscious all along

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This is something that will likely cause shock waves in the healthcare industry.  It’s likely to create scandal and will bring to mind cases where people were taken off of life-support, thinking that someone is in a coma when they actually could be completely conscious.

A man thought by doctors to be in a vegetative state for 23 years was actually conscious the whole time, it was revealed last night.

Student Rom Houben was misdiagnosed after a car crash left him totally paralysed.

He had no way of letting experts, family or friends know he could hear every word they said.

‘I screamed, but there was nothing to hear,’ said Mr. Houben, now 46. Doctors used a range of coma tests, recognized worldwide, before reluctantly concluding that his consciousness was ‘extinct.’ But three years ago, new hi-tech scans showed his brain was still functioning almost completely normally.

Mr. Houben describes the moment as ‘my second birth’.

Therapy has since allowed him to tap out messages on a computer screen.

Mr. Houben said: ‘All that time I just literally dreamed of a better life. Frustration is too small a word to describe what I felt.’

His case has only just been revealed in a scientific paper released by the man who ‘saved’ him, top neurological expert Dr Steven Laureys.

‘Medical advances caught up with him,’ said Dr. Laureys, who believes there may be many similar cases of false comas around the world.

The disclosure will also renew the right-to-die debate over whether people in comas are truly unconscious.

Mr. Houben, a former martial arts enthusiast, was paralyzed in 1983.

Doctors in Zolder, Belgium, used the internationally accepted Glasgow Coma Scale to assess his eye, verbal and motor responses.

But each time he was graded incorrectly.

Only a re-evaluation of his case at the University of Liege discovered that he had lost control of his body but was still fully aware of what was happening.

He is never likely to leave hospital, but as well as his computer he now has a special device above his bed which lets him read books while lying down.

Mr. Houben said: ‘I shall never forget the day when they discovered what was truly wrong with me – it was my second birth.

‘I want to read, talk with my friends via the computer and enjoy my life now that people know I am not dead.’

Dr. Laureys’s new study claims that patients classed as in a vegetative state are often misdiagnosed.

‘Anyone who bears the stamp of “unconscious” just one time hardly ever gets rid of it again,’ he said.

The doctor, who leads the Coma Science Group and Department of Neurology at Liege University Hospital, found Mr. Houben’s brain was still working by using state-of-the-art imaging.

He plans to use the case to highlight what he considers may be similar examples around the world.

Dr. Laureys said: ‘In Germany alone each year some 100,000 people suffer from severe traumatic brain injury.

‘About 20,000 are followed by a coma of three weeks or longer. Some of them die, others regain health.

‘But an estimated 3,000 to 5,000 people a year remain trapped in an intermediate stage – they go on living without ever coming back again.’

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  1. Terri Waytis

    Astonishing…This is no different than being buried alive. I sincerely hope that this opens the gates for other patients in the world.

  2. Mary Maxwell

    I think that this could defintly happen to anyone at any time and that everone should be prepared to learn the tecniques and skills that are required in this case.However no one is perfect not even doctors when it comes to peoples lifes.

  3. Baby Ruth

    WOW WOW, how could that be?? I have been a nurse in critical care for >40 years and find this really hard to believe. Couldn’t he even blink his eyes? He should thank God every day for his NEW life!

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