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CE of the Week: Healing Effects of Physical Activity and Movement

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We’ve got hundreds of continuing education courses available, and have decided to start highlighting courses each week. We’re talking about courses we’ve had for a while, as well as pointing out new courses as they become available. This week’s featured course: Healing Effects of Physical Activity and Movement This course is good for three contact hours for nurses, healthcare professionals, and …

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Apps bring Medical Help Fast before Cardiac Arrest can Kill You

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In an effort to bring help when it is needed most, there are applications to bring help when you witness a cardiac arrest. In the UK, the London Ambulance Service has started using an app called GoodSAM. In the US, there’s a similar system called PulsePoint. In Stockholm, Sweden, an app called SMS-Lifesavers has been running since 2010. In Sweden, …

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How to Get Nursing Continuing Education Credit Hours

In Continuing Education, ProTrainings by Paul Martin1 Comment

Here at ProTrainings, we’re always listening to our customers because we want to provide the tools to help you become better at your job, with the ultimate goal of helping others. Late last year we launched another way to help you: We’ve got hundreds of courses to choose from, in a wide variety of topics, and they’re nationally accredited. …

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What’s New in CPR and First Aid this year?

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We’ve finally released a project that has been months in the making. There are new guidelines for CPR and first aid, and we’re excited to have all of these updates available in our training library. If you’ve taken a class recently and would like to know what has changed since your class, there are a few videos that we’d like to …

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What You Need to Know: 2015 ILCOR Guidelines

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It’s that time of the decade, again: the new scientific best practices for CPR and BLS, established every five years by an international summit, have just been released this last Thursday. It’s an exciting time, seeing as we’re passionate about equipping the broad-scale population with life saving know-how. This is the chance for improvement, breakthrough, and innovation. The chance to drastically …

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Family Health Matters on CPR airs Sunday in Michigan – Tune In!

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WGVU and ProCPR are proud to present a special episode of Family Health Matters on the life-saving skill of compression only (commonly referred to as hands-only) CPR. The program will air on WGVU (PBS) on Sunday, October 18 from 3pm-4:30pm. For those in the viewing area (most of the West side of the state of Michigan), Family Health Matters will be on …

Preview of the 2015 CPR Guidelines Update

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With the updated guidelines being released this week, we made a video talking about things to expect. Roy adds: “Though we don’t know exactly what’s going to be changed, we’re going to work hard to make sure we have everything updated as soon as possible. We’ll keep you posted along the way. Feel free to ask any questions about the …

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Updated CPR and First Aid Guidelines Scheduled for Release in October 2015

In CPR, CPR, First Aid, ProTrainings by Paul Martin1 Comment

The first release of CPR Standards and Guidelines happened in 1975. Since that time, updates have been issued approximately every five years. It’s been five years since the current guidelines were released in 2010, and the new guidelines will be released on October 15, 2015.  At that time, new recommendations will be made for all accredited training organizations to review and implement in …

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Dr. James Jude, who pioneered CPR, has passed away at 87

In CPR, In Memoriam by Paul Martin1 Comment

Dr. James Jude developed CPR in 1960, after observing colleagues Dr. William Kouwenhoven and graduate student Guy Knickerbocker’s work with defibrillators. Dr. Kouwenhoven is the developer of the defibrillator and Knickerbocker was doing work with fibrillating dogs at the time. Jude figured that pressure applied rhythmically to the center of the chest, with the heel of the hand, could jump-start …