Nurses: We HONOR You!

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I read this article the other day from on how burned-out nurses are linked to more infections in patients and it broke my heart.

It wasn’t the statistics or the research that were found, although those numbers are staggering as well.

What made me sad was the fact that nurses all over the country are getting so burnt out taking care of US. They love on people they don’t even know, complete strangers, whom they will probably never see again.

But, when they come home, they are EXHAUSTED. They may not have been able to eat at ALL during a 13 or 14 hour shift. They may not have gone to the bathroom their whole shift just to make sure that YOU were able to go as many times as you needed…

I want to honor and CELEBRATE the nurses in our community.

Food for thought: What if each community took a day to honor the nurses, doctors, EMTs, medical professionals, etc., who work tirelessly to serve us and take care of us without asking for anything in return?

Will you join me?…will you join us, ProTrainings, in celebrating the wonderful work that these men and women all over the country do each and every day, 24 hrs a day?

What are some ways that YOU can show how grateful you are for the medical professionals in YOUR life?…How have medical professionals impacted you?…maybe even saved your life?

We’d love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment below or give us a shout out on twitter: @ProTrainings.


Katrina Scheer

Katrina Scheer

"You are crazy." my co-worker, Ryan, said today, "but don't worry, only the best people are." "HAHA! Thanks Ryan." I laughed. I typically have a very different perspective than most people I know, and my voice and perspective naturally come out in everything I do, say and write. Sometimes, I get called "crazy" for it. But it's okay, because "crazy people" are the only ones who end up changing the world anyway...and thankfully, I get to work at a company with some of the most amazing, crazy people I know. 🙂

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  1. Sherry Yancosek

    I am one of those nurses. I also teach nurses. Thank you for the appreciation, it means more that anything!

    1. Katrina Scheer Author

      🙂 You are very welcome, Sherry. Thank YOU. You are all appreciated more than you could ever know!

  2. Sherri Jenkins

    I am one of those nurses. Thank you for the appreciation. It means more than you know.

  3. Jill Gowan

    Dear Katrina~
    Thank you so much for understanding the daily plights of a nurse.
    Your comments went straight to my heart.
    Bless you!


    1. Katrina Scheer Author

      Dear Jill, you are VERY welcome. I am SO honored by each of you who took time to comment. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! May you be refreshed today. Much love. ~Katrina

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