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We’re very excited about this place. We’ve moved into some new offices with the intention of making ProCPR a much better company, and enhance our website so that your experience gets better and better as you use the website. As a direct result, we’ve implemented many changes to the structure of our company in the way of customer support.

We’ve been in these offices for about seven months now, and after a lot of growing pains, we’re finally coming to grips with schedules and each other.

The Office

We’ve had many adventures since moving into these offices. It’s created a place for refuge as well as team building. There have been rivalries between different camps as different personalities and positions were learning about one another. For example the Programmers versus the Sales Team versus the Design Team. The things, however, have only served to help us all understand each other and our structure.As our company continues to grow, our team does as well, and our new teammates have served as traveling companions on this adventure. Our offices have had plans for different features and different rooms to be used for this or that, but as time and employees have changed, so too have our plans for the use of the space. My office, for example has become the hub of website development. The boomerang creation station serves as the driving force for the creativity as we build the new version of ProCPR.

We’ve also got something that no good company should be without: cubicles. Cubicle workers of the world understand the isolation of being surrounded by walls, with little more than an open doorway between you and freedom. It is here that customer support got its’ start. It is here that design and programming started, but it is here that we also decided that programming and design should not happen in separate cubicles. Design of this magnitude needs to have the open airflow of working side by side.

Our break room has become the birthplace of ideas and the crossroads of mixed media, as ideas are tossed back and forth. Our meeting room has a big table that can transform into many shapes and sizes, but we primarily use a small round table for our somewhat weekly updates.

We’ve also a room for facilitator training, as we acquire more facilitators all over the U.S.

That said, we’ve been pretty busy with a lot of projects, not the least of which is getting the new website done so that we can better serve you, and bring more great content to you in the very near future. Keep an eye out for more new things from ProCPR.

Paul Martin

Paul Martin

I am the Director of Multimedia at ProTrainings, as well as the primary blogger here. I take care of the video editing, graphic design and corporate branding that you see on every video and every page on this site, as well as at ProCPR®, ProFirstAid®, ProBloodborne, StudentCPR, etc. My work is literally everywhere that ProTrainings goes. I also handle our Twitter accounts, so be sure to follow us there, if you use twitter! You can be sure that I’m not just an average joe writing this blog, but one of the founders of the company.

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