Mouth to Beak CPR rescues injured Bald Eagle

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A Bald Eagle was rescued recently with CPR.  The rescuer performed mouth to beak rescue breaths on the bird in his efforts.  The bird is still on the way to recovery, and has since been given the name Patriot.

Two La Pine women found the bald eagle, apparently hit by a car, near Crane Prairie Reservoir last month. Three weeks later, about halfway through a hoped-for recovery period, the bird’s fractured wing is healing, as is his dislocated elbow and wrist, said Dr. Jeff Cooney of Bend Veterinary Clinic.

He’s now eating fish like crazy, but a few days ago they had him under anesthesia for an examination, and he stopped breathing.  Dr. Cooney stepped in and gave the eagle rescue breaths.  He did say that if the bird doesn’t continue to make a full recovery, they may be forced to euthanize so that it doesn’t have to continue living in pain.  He had a dislocated shoulder that surgery wouldn’t repair.

If he continues to improve, we’ll know in the next three weeks, and he may go to a good home at any of a number of animal sanctuaries around the country.

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Update: Just to let everyone know, Patriot’s wing bandage came off on Tuesday. His wing was not nearly as droopy as Dr. Cooney expected it might be. He is holding it up, off the ground, quite well! Plus, he is standing even a little better on that paralyzed leg! His toes are in “normal” positions. In recent weeks, his halux (the rear facing toe) was folded under his foot, as he was not able to move it or control it. Now, he is placing it normally!! Yay! (via)

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