Miracle Boy recovers from Car Crash Decapitation

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Wow, how could I see this story and NOT write a little bit about it.  Have you heard of anything quite like this before in your life?  I know for a fact that I haven’t.  I mean, the boy was only 9 years old, and he’s doing fine!

I’ll let the story itself do the talking:

Jordan Taylor was buckled up, snug and secure, in the back seat of his mom’s car when a dump truck ran a stop sign and slammed into the family car.  The force of the crash was so violent Jordan’s head became severed from his neck although his spinal cord miraculously remained intact.  His chance of surviving this orthopedic decapitation was grim, no more than a 2% chance of living through the ordeal.  He made it, though, and his mother says he’s planning to go back to school after the winter holidays.

Stacey Perez, Jordan’s mom, describes her initial reaction as uncontrollable screaming but she’s elated today to report her son’s full recovery, just three months after the accident.  Equally proud of his recovery is his team of medical specialists at the Cooks’ Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas, where pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Richard Roberts led the way.

Roberts said all the connective tissue joining the head to the neck was destroyed in the accident.  The surgical team used a metal plate and titanium rods to stabilize Jordan’s head and today he wears a neck brace.

The trauma was so catastrophic doctors became immediately aware of the extent of the injury once an MRI scan and radiography were performed.  The injury was so heartbreaking, though, that Jordan’s mom, who suffered significant injuries herself in the accident, was not told the full extent of her son’s medical situation until about a week after the accident occurred.

-via MedHeadlines

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