Is ‘High Performance CPR’ the Future of Rescue Training?

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In Washington state there is a community of paramedics and other first responders who are now learning a new method of CPR.  It’s not a different style or format, as I had thought, but rather a new emphasis on getting CPR started as soon as possible, and keeping those compressions going without pausing.  It seems to me that the Hands-Only CPR training has been followed up with healthcare professionals looking for ways in which to speed up the process as well.

They call it High Performance CPR.

The medical professionals will now set aside all other medical interruptions and make CPR the main focus when they arrive at a scene of a cardiac arrest.  “For every minute that goes by without CPR after a cardiac arrest, 10% of those people will die” said Kevin Hodges M.D., EMS Medical Program Director.

This also eliminates all pauses from resuscitation efforts, giving CPR a priority over AED use, loading the patient into an ambulance, and even moving the patient onto a cot.  “We usually get out of the rig, everybody grabs the equipment and we all go inside. The new focus, is as soon as they stop the vehicle, a person jumps off that rig and immediately runs to wherever the patient is, identifies the patient that is in cardiac arrest and immediately starts CPR” said Eric Nilson, Kennewick padamedic.

Nationwide records indicate that CPR resuscitation has a 15% success rate among those that record statistics.  The concept of High Performance CPR came from emergency crews in Kings County in Washington, where success rates are at 46%.  They have a long-term goal of 75% success, which is a number that no one on the planet currently approaches.

While this new technique is a little off-script, but they believe the end result will be positive.  Emergency medical technicians are also being taught to increase their awareness of the rate, depth and quality of chest compressions.

What do you think of the concept of High Performance CPR?

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