Introducing Two New Ergonomics Training Programs for Healthcare and Workplace!

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We’ve been hard at work creating not just one, but two fantastic new training programs for you.  Pro Ergonomics is the result of months of hard work to bring you the best ergonomics program available.  We have two ergonomics courses available: Workplace Ergonomics and Healthcare Ergonomics.

Both trainings are OSHA-Compliant programs.

They are now available online beginning today.  Be sure to check both out, as you or your company could potentially use this training.

Healthcare Ergonomics will help prepare workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to prevent and reduce worker injuries. The course includes information on preparation, prevention, and how to safely lift and move people in various positions for one person, two people, and using a mechanical lift.

Workplace Ergonomics trains people how to prepare for lifting and moving objects, proper lifting and moving objects techniques, and how to implement a lifting and moving objects program.

Visit Healthcare Ergonomics & Workplace Ergonomics Today!


Paul Martin

Paul Martin

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  1. Marcy Thobaben

    I’m looking forward to reviewing these…you all do good work in your training!

    As far as OSHA-Compliance, while it does address OSHA’s General Duty clause, there is no specific mandate for Ergonomics…whether there SHOULD be is another question. I was at the Federal OSHA office in DC the very day, several years ago, when the program was defeated as far as becoming a standard. Talk about a tense atmosphere!! Anyway, as long as your subscribers don’t misunderstand that this is for certification and being ‘OSHA-compliant’, the information is, nonetheless, very useful in preventing RSI and MS-related injuries.

  2. AlbertSmith

    The Ergonomics training programs you have provided are really useful for business organizations. They can provide their employees injury free workplace environment which is very necessary for employees.

  3. Allie

    Great video on ergonomics in the workplace. I’m definitely going to use these tips!

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