Help Yourself Relax During the Holidays!

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The Holidays – some see it as a lovely time of relaxation, friends, family, and peace on earth, others see it as a cacophony of shopping, parties, and stressful to-do lists. However, there are some great tips from Women’s Health Magazine that I’d like to pass along that should help break that vicious stress cycle that we seem to fall into!

1. Finding the right gift. This can be a hard one, and certainly a stressful one. There are a lot of resources out there though for people looking for just the right gift to give your family and friends. Also, think about what they like, what their pet peeves are, and what they most enjoy in life, and try to formulate your perfect give around that.

2. A crazy work schedule. On your days off, really make sure that you take time off.  Unplug your phone, put away your laptop, turn off your computer, and go on a walk, exercise, take time to catch up with friends, snuggle up with a good book and a hot drink, take up a hobby you’ve been wanting to do for ages, or finish some things on your at-home to do list. Doing chores like the dishes or laundry or even dusting can sometimes be strangely therapeutic compared to working at the office.

3. Giving a holiday party. Have no fear, you can do this in cheap and easy ways, despite how expensive everything seems to be nowadays. Buying things at the dollar store(they have some adorable decorations!) consignment store dishes can be veritable treasures, get one or two nice desserts instead of three, or bake your own cookies, cut your own veggies, and use Pandora or Spotify instead of hiring a DJ.

4. Sticking to your diet. Keep in mind the goals that you reach will last much longer than any momentary pleasure from holiday treats. Stay active during the holidays, and balance what you eat and how much you eat.

5.  Speaking of staying active, this can be a challenge as well. Take advantage of the workout center if you’re staying in a hotel, power walk around the airport terminal if your flight’s delayed and take the stairs instead of elevators and escalators.

6. Not sleeping in your own bed. Instead of tossing and turning, try finding some yoga moves that are made to help you sleep.

7. Take time to communicate and spend time along with your significant other – there’s few things more stressful than misunderstanding during the holidays. You will be grateful you took the extra time!

8. Becoming overwhelmed. Holidays can be overwhelming, but they are also beautiful times that make us slow down and enjoy the simple joys in life. From a cup of hot coca, to a new baby in the family, Christmas lights, family, friends, a fresh snow fall, and contemplating peace, joy, love, and what it means to be living. Stop, slow down, and take time to realize that life is very beautiful and very blessed if you let it.

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw

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