Heart-Healthy ABC’s for 2010

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Family physician and cholesterol expert Michael Cobble, M.D., has some simple resolutions and fun advice for staying heart healthy in the new year. Cobble is a board-certified clinical lipidologist (NLA), certified hypertension specialist (ASH), medical director of the private practice Canyons Medical Center in Sandy, Utah, and Chief Medical Officer at Atherotech, Inc., developer of the VAP Cholesterol Test.

Here are Dr. Cobble’s heart-healthy ABC’s for 2010:

A. Active: Be active every day — take the stairs, park further away,
buy a push lawn mower. Find ways to move your muscles, clap your
hands, move your feet.

B. Breakfast daily: Start each day with a good breakfast, including
dairy, fiber and fruit. Select items such as whole grain toast, low
or fat-free milk, bananas, pears and high-fiber oatmeal with nuts
and berries.

C. Cholesterol management: Get an advanced test that tells you and your
doctor about the dangerous cholesterol — directly measured LDL,
non-HDL, apoB and subparticles — that can hurt your arteries. The
Vertical Auto Profile (VAP) lipid test from Atherotech is one such

D. Diet: Think moderation, balance and “heart healthy” throughout the
day. Eat fruits, veggies, fiber, complex carbs, proteins and healthy
fats. Experience European dining with each meal.

E. Exercise: Exercise daily — walk at lunch with coworkers, before or
after work with your pets, join in team sports or find an outlet
that gets your heart pumping for at least 30 minutes a day.

F. Fiber is your friend: Read the nutrition label on foods so you know
what you’re eating and to better manage your cholesterol, fiber and
other nutrients.

G. Glucose in moderation: Too much sugar and starch contribute to
diabetes. Get tested for diabetes with a blood glucose test, and cut
back on pasta, potatoes, sodas, ice cream and fast food.

H. Healthy lifestyle: Lead a healthy lifestyle, which means no smoking,
seeing your clinician every year for a physical, and laughing often.
Spend time with friends, kids and grandkids.

I. Imagine: Use your imagination to enjoy life and get the most out of
each and every day. Have fun, do what you love and what makes you

About the VAP Cholesterol Test

Atherotech Inc.’s patented VAP Cholesterol Test, which reports the cholesterol content of all lipids, components and subclasses, is available through national and regional diagnostic laboratories and is reimbursed by many of the largest private insurers as well as Medicare. For more information, visit www.thevaptest.com.

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