Grand Rapids, MI medical device firm launches three new products on global market

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Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences

Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences – Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, Michigan, the home of ProCPR, is also the home to much growth in the medical field.  My grandpa, when he was being treated for cancer, would only go to Ferguson Hospital downtown.  He was a doctor, himself, and trusted the doctors at that hospital more than anywhere else.  It was a world-class, renown hospital for many years. I don’t know its’ status today, as Spectrum Health bought it years ago.

Right now, we have a new Heart Center, and we’re expanding our medical research facilities (tripling the lab space at one location) as well as building a huge children’s hospital and more in what has become known as both “medical mile” and “medical hill.”

It was only a matter of time before Grand Rapids, MI medical facilities would start producing technologies that will help transform the medical community across the board.  Here is just one example:

Avalon Laboratories LLC has received a U.S. patent on a new medical device and approval to distribute that device and two others to the United States and European medical markets.

The company developed the devices at its laboratory in Grand Valley State University’s Cook-DeVos Center for Health Sciences.

The newly-patented device, the Avalon Elite Bi-Caval Dual Lumen Catheter, helps balance blood gas exchange levels related to lung function. The DLC drains blood from the internal jugular vein and simultaneously re-infuses it directly into the heart.

“Surgeons are primarily using this for lung support for patients whose lungs might be damaged [if they use] a ventilator,” says Rio Foster, Avalon spokesperson. “The patient’s blood goes through an external circuit. If an oxygenator is attached, the blood returns to the body already oxygenated, giving the lungs a chance to rest and heal. There’s nothing like it on the market.”

The second product, the Avalon Elite Multi-Port Venous Femoral Catheter, enables doctors to drain blood from a patient’s femoral vein during procedures that require this as a life support measure.

The third product, the Avalon Elite Vascular Access Kit, helps health care professionals insert and position catheters and cannulae correctly.

-via Rapid Growth

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