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Do your poor choices in the past disqualify you from making good choices in the future?…Does what you did yesterday define who are today or who you will be tomorrow?

Sergio Leyva, an inmate in the LA county jail, learned he could redeem himself though something as simple as CPR.

Back in August of this year, one of his correctional officers collapsed while suffering from a heart attack. Sergio and several other inmates rushed to help their fallen jailer.

“No breathing. No heartbeat,” Sergio said. “I did CPR on him. And, basically brought him back to life.”

“I didn’t see him as an officer. He’s a person. I was going to help that person, regardless of the uniform or no uniform,” he explained. “That man is someone’s father and I have a father. I would like someone to be able to help my father if that happened to him.”

“I’m really not a bad person.” he continued. “I’m actually a good person, I just made bad choices. That’s all. I know that if it were me laying on the ground, dying, that man would have helped me.”

And thanks to Sergio, his correctional officer is alive today because of his quick thinking and determination to show compassion in the most unlikely setting.

Katrina Scheer

Katrina Scheer

"You are crazy." my co-worker, Ryan, said today, "but don't worry, only the best people are." "HAHA! Thanks Ryan." I laughed. I typically have a very different perspective than most people I know, and my voice and perspective naturally come out in everything I do, say and write. Sometimes, I get called "crazy" for it. But it's okay, because "crazy people" are the only ones who end up changing the world anyway...and thankfully, I get to work at a company with some of the most amazing, crazy people I know. 🙂

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  1. Alice Wilde

    What a heartwarming story. I like hearing about people helping one another, even in circumstances like the ones above. Especially so, actually. Everyone should learn CPR certification so that they’ll be ready to help if an emergency occurs. Thanks for sharing this!
    –CPR Certification, Balch Springs TX

    1. Katrina Scheer Author

      *I* really liked the story and I’m SO glad you did too! Thanks for reading and taking time to comment. I COMPLETELY agree! Have the best day ever. Cheers!

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