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We’re all over social media, here at ProCPR.  In fact, we’ve got many twitter accounts that you can follow, for updates on each of our current programs.  We’d also like to invite you, if you haven’t already, to become a fan on Facebook.  It’s a growing community of all of you that loves keeping your skills fresh with our training videos, and have a great time with the profession of saving lives.  We’ve also got a youtube channel for you to subscribe to.  We’re updating it regularly with new training videos and other fun videos that we come up with to promote life-saving skills.

ProCPR on Facebook – We’ve got a growing community on Facebook that is already a few hundred strong. Join the community and communicate directly with us there!

ProCPR on YouTube – Subscribe to our youtube channel, and you’ll be updated when you log in to youtube, whenever we add some new videos. Recently we’ve added some snow safety videos to the mix, which have proven to be pretty successful with the harsh winter that has hit every state in the U.S.

Company Twitter Accounts:
@ProTrainings – Overall account that includes system wide updates, including new program announcements.

ProTrainings also has two lists: Network List, which includes all of the various twitter accounts listed below, and People List, which includes all of the people in the company that are on twitter.

@ProCPR – Any time we update the blog, this is updated.  We also respond to some inquiries, from time to time.  Feel free to mention us in your tweets!  We’ll try to get back to you in a timely manner.  We hope to hear from you soon!

@ProFirstAid – Any time that we add new videos and make some great new additions to ProFirstAid, we’ll update this account.  Our first aid training is second to none, we stand by it with confidence.  Any update we make improves the program, so keep up with us!

@ProBloodborne – We do the same thing here.  Yup.  Don’t want to repeat myself.  But in this case, it has to do with Bloodborne Pathogens program updates.  So, have you been watching the Winter Olympics?

@ProHomeSafety – This one, when we’re ready, will be updated pretty regularly with new home safety videos.  We just haven’t had the time to commit to making it into the project we all want it to be.  But we do have a nifty logo!

@RNstories – Here’s the newest member of our family.  All of you!  Well, the registered nurse variety.  This is the feed of the stories that are posted at, which we feel has great potential.  So get posting stories, and a great community will build around it!

Paul Martin

Paul Martin

I am the Director of Multimedia at ProTrainings, as well as the primary blogger here. I take care of the video editing, graphic design and corporate branding that you see on every video and every page on this site, as well as at ProCPR®, ProFirstAid®, ProBloodborne, StudentCPR, etc. My work is literally everywhere that ProTrainings goes. I also handle our Twitter accounts, so be sure to follow us there, if you use twitter! You can be sure that I’m not just an average joe writing this blog, but one of the founders of the company.

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