Firehouse Subs – Founded by Firemen and giving back to Firemen

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I just had lunch at a place called Firehouse Subs.  Not only was it a very great meal, but it was likely one of the best subs that I’ve had in a long time.  Every cup that they give you has a rescue story from firefighters, as well as a picture of the firefighters that were involved in the story.  Plus, they’ve founded the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation, which has donated over $2 million in equipment and resources to firehouses around the country.

Not only that, but October is Fire Safety Month, so be sure to check the batteries in your fire alarms.

Here’s the story from my cup:

A dangerous thunderstorm was pounding on the Florida Turnpike on October 13, 2008. Captain Mike Magee and Jeff Werthmuller of Ocala Fire Rescue were off duty and driving on the rain-soaked highway. Suddenly, an SUV spun out of control and flipped over into a ditch of running water, coming to rest on its roof.

Acting purely on instinct, Mike and Jeff raced to the overturned SUV, which was taking on water. As they leapt from their vehicle, the firefighters heard a woman screaming for help, “Get us out! I have a baby in here!”

Using their bare hands, the men dug through the mud and rescued the baby from the broken side window. Then, they broke out another window with a rock and pulled the mother to safety. As the rescue was taking place, Mike and Jeff faced great danger as three additional vehicles spun on the slick pavement and careened off the road around them. With mom and baby safe, they tended to the other victims until 911 assistance arrived on the scene.

Mike and Jeff received the Liberty Mutual Firemark Award for their brave efforts that day, but the two firefighters said they were just glad to be in the right place at the right time. For them, it’s all part of the job.

Mike and Jeff continue to serve with Ocala Fire Rescue and are both instructors at Florida State Fire College. While they might not consider themselves heroes, that mother and child certainly do, and so does Firehouse Subs. (via Firehouse Subs)

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  1. Dan

    Watch out Firehouse Subs is a load of crap. The founder is councilman in Jacksonville, FL. He has voted AGAINST the FD (his own men)!

    1. Paul Martin Author
      Paul Martin

      Not being a Florida resident, I was unaware of such things. Hope the situation is corrected in the near future! It’s too bad there’s bad blood there, because the food is terrific.

  2. Jess

    BEST SUBS EVER! I don’t care what you say, or what anyone else says. Firehouse subs are to die for; they are the most delicious subs I’ve ever eaten. The first time I tried one I felt like I was in heaven. A magical spell created by the delectable taste of fresh made subs. mmmmmh, just thinking about it makes me hungry.

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