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I’ve decided, after watching this week’s episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, to start writing about this great show regularly.  This show has done a lot to help out families in need.  Many of those families with particular medical conditions, which have helped bring awareness about those conditions and hope to those that may also suffer from the same.

This week’s featured episode is The McCully Family:

At only 10 years old, Job McCully is an inspiration to his small town, surviving leukemia, a bone marrow and a double lung transplant. After years spent in and out of the hospital, he is still far from healthy. In March of 2008, he was finally able to leave the hospital, but for Job’s health, the family could not return to their sinking, moldy and dilapidated home. Their very old house has leaks in the roof, the air conditioner and the floor. The mildew-infested walls are especially threatening to Job and in 2006, fungus was discovered on Job’s lungs, which inspectors suspect likely came from their home. The family packed up and moved out of their uninhabitable house.

Although he has endured painful side effects from all the treatments he has received, Job still manages to smile and treat others with generosity. With all that this family has been through, they never hesitate to help those in need. His sister Nicole, at only 12 years old, learned to administer shots to her brother for the diabetes he developed from his treatments. Rob is a deacon at the church, and Tina has spear headed two successful support groups in her church for struggling young married couples and addicts. The family is currently living in a donated rental, but still struggling to pay for their mortgage. It is now up to Ty and his designers to bring the McCully family back to a place Job and his family can really call home.

This episode was filled with many incredible things, including a quick performance by recording artist Mark Schultz.  He performed his song He’s My Son, which was written about a boy who was sick in the hospital, and whose father was praying for him.

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