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EA Sports Active BasketballIt’s been a pretty busy week, since the last workout, so in order to complete the 30 day challenge on time and correctly, I had to do some heavy workouts. I missed three days of workouts, and as a result, I wasn’t going to be able to meet my goals for the challenge. So I did what any sensible person would do, and spent the afternoon doing three workouts in a row. I decided that I’d do yesterday’s workout today.

Doing three workouts in a row was not only very difficult, but it was also a good test of my ability to complete the whole thing. Well, I had planned on doing all four, but in the end, the three had me so worn out that I factored that into waiting until today to do the workout. I am hoping to be able to keep up with this from now on, but seeing as it’s June, it’s going to be difficult.

Day 5 Workout: Projected Cal Burn: 145.7, Actual: 158. I was introduced to Lunge Jumping, which I couldn’t do very well at all. That was not my favorite workout, and I struggled through it.

Day 6 Workout: Projected Cal Burn: 129, Actual: 137.5. This one incorporated basketball passing, if I am correctly remembering what workouts were included in this one. It involved “picking up” a basketball and passing it toward one of two targets.

Day 7 would have been a rest day.

Day 8 Workout: Projected Cal Burn: 150.8, Actual: 172.2. This one incorporated a lot of the balance board, including some inline skating, balance and boxing.

All in all, three good workouts, with one more before I’m completely caught up. I hope to do that today, after we find out about the WHO’s announcement about Swine Flu.

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