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EA Sports Active trainer Bob GreeneI didn’t get a chance to write about yesterday’s routine until now, but I must say, it was a much tighter experience than the first time through.  In keeping with the medium level of workout, my projected calorie burn was around 166 calories.

This time, the Wii Balance Board wasn’t part of the training.  Instead, it was making use of the leg strap and other such things that came included with the game.  There were also many new routines.  Some of which pushed me to the limits.  This time around, there were times where I thought that I might not have made it through, but the routines are set up in a way that gives you variety that doesn’t overwork anything.

The routines included alternating side lunges with toe touches, runs, walks, alternating high knee reverse lunges, kick ups, and cross knee punches.  It also included a round of tennis.

All in all, it was a terrific work out ending with an actual calorie burn of 194.8!

Day 3, they recommend taking a break.  For the 30 day challenge, they have only 20 days worth of routines planned for you, so it makes sense.

The game also is very encouraging as you go, which is nice.  Having a very positive personal trainer is important to keeping up with the workout, and makes it much easier to continue.

All in all, a great workout so far.

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Paul Martin

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  1. Becky

    Whoa, 194.8 calories burned! Good job 🙂

    Hey, did you hear that EA has announced an expansion pack? Check it out here. Not available until the holiday season though 🙁

    1. Paul Martin Author
      Paul Martin

      Wow, thanks Becky! And I’ll definitely be posting about the expansion pack in an entry soon. I can see why it won’t come until the fall. The first one just came out and it’s the number one selling game at the moment. Pretty great one, too. I’m about to start my 3rd routine.

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