EA Sports Active Blog: Days 19 and 20 – REALLY HARD DAYS

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ea-active-11So, after a break for day 18, came days 19 and 20 and the workouts were not just difficult, they were really hard!  And I’m on Medium Intensity, mind you.  I’m thinking that, when this is complete, I will start again, but on the lighter intensity mode, and do that one while also starting another fitness regime on top of that.

For day 19, there wasn’t anything new, but there were amplified workouts, to the point that I was doing so many things for so long that I was getting exhausted about half way through, wondering how I was going to make it through.

It seems that the developers of the workouts recognized that this would happen though, as they changed things from lower body to upper body at just the right time. I was very thankful for the thought that went into that.

Projected Cal Burn: 144.3; Actual: 156.3

Day 20 was a different story, and one that I hope that EA Games rectifies for the next release. Again, I had trouble with this. There are times when your workout intensifies, and holding your arms and legs completely still during the exercise is something that can not be asked of someone, nor should it be. It could cause injury to the person doing the reps. Not only that, but it takes down the accuracy as the game does not record the calories burned from repeating the same motion for a second time so that the remotes pick up on it. This has been a problem about 75% of the time on lunges and squats, as I am building strength there, and able to hold longer, the remotes wait until you’re completely still. How do I know this? Because I’ve run into trouble with reps as my body decides to fight back, and had to cheat my way to the finish of the reps that I already had completed. Sure, a couple extra won’t kill me, but I want an accurate calorie count.

Perhaps, for the next one, they can add Wii Motion Plus to it, and allow for a little range of motion instead of complete stillness. I’m not the programmer, so I don’t know if that’s possible, but give us something. I had one other thing go wrong today with it, but I can’t remember what it is now. It’ll probably happen again, though, with 6 workouts left to go in this challenge. If I stay on course, June 30 is the last day of this challenge. And I’m looking forward to it.

Projected Cal Burn: 148.3; Actual: 164.5

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