EA Sports Active Blog: Day 4 – Dancing?

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EA Sports Active Workout TogetherToday’s workout seemed to be more focused on upper body, starting out with a quick run to get you moving.  It was easier today than the previous two workout days.  After that was Bent Over Rows, followed by Bicep Curls with Upright Rows: a new exercise.  Next was Alternating Side Lunges, which were easier this time around, but after that was Side to Side Jumps.  I tell you what, with proper technique, you feel the burn here, big time.

Next, I was supposed to be doing Wii Balance Board – Inline Skating, but my batteries needed recharging, so the game let me move on, and replaced that exercise with more bent over rows.  This was followed by bicep curls with upright rows again, and then alternating side lunges.  If you were following my twitter feed, you’d have read that I almost put “Alternating Side Lunches” which is an entirely different kind of workout.

There were a few more repeats of the basic workouts, and then some front court tennis.  This time it was really hard to get into the rhythm that they wanted.  I think it would have been nice to have a bit more training and practice for the tennis, as it is the most difficult to get a handle on. And then something that I nearly forgot was in this game: Dance Basic 1.  This was basic arm movements, and they have your avatar next to three others, so you’re not doing this alone.  There’s something psychological about that, as you begin to get into a rhythm with the other avatars, and it helps you out.  It was hilarious at one point because the suddenly have you do some cheesy dance move that people tend to do for fun.

This is where it ended.  It was odd, because I wanted to continue.  Today felt much shorter than before, and much lighter than last time.  However, I am still a little sore in my legs from the first couple of days, so I think it’s a good thing we didn’t go on with it.

My projected calorie burn for today was 120.6.  Actual burn: 140.5!

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