EA Sports Active Blog: Day 28 – Upper Body Workouts

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EA Sports Active - TennisToday’s challenge was really easy, and came without glitching.  The most glitch that I see is the TV that I bought about six or so years ago is starting to do a strange ripple.  It’s annoying to watch and even more annoying to play games on it.  But I can see clear enough to do this game on it.  I’m not too happy about this, but at least when I re-play the unsavable games, I’ll be able to do so on a newer HD TV, in Widescreen.  It’s built into those games, but I’ve never played them like that.  Anyway, on to today’s workout.

It was a really simple one to complete, focusing entirely on the upper body.  While I was doing this workout, I decided to blast the soundtrack to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which some tracks worked better to keep me moving than others, but overall the effect was great.  I didn’t have to listen to the trainer tell me to go, when the game didn’t actually want me to, and I could still tell when to do the next rep, because of a box on the screen that flashed.

However, the game did confuse me with something that I had never seen before.  At first I thought it had frozen again, not hearing the annoying buzzing sound that came with it.  But then, in the middle of the screen popped what looked like a music player.  The controls on it were small, and I could barely make out the number 1 on it, at first.  Turns out, pressing the 1 button allows you to change the music that you’re working out too, in game.  Funny that I discover this feature after turning on my own music.

The exercises today were pretty simple, and afterward I went for a walk around the neighborhood to clear my head.  More on that in the next entry today.  I was shocked by the low estimate for the projected calorie burn, but as I went through the routine, I was grateful for it, because the routines included were all about strength, and wouldn’t burn that many calories.

Tomorrow is the last day of exercises for the 30 day challenge.  With two days on, one day off, day 30 is a rest day.  It’ll be the 20th workout of the challenge, and the trainer says that it’ll incorporate a lot various activities.  I’m looking forward to it, and to finally take a look and see if all of this work, over the past 30 days, has helped me to lose some weight.  Stay tuned for that.

Projected Calorie Burn: 86.1; Actual: 97.3!

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