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30 Day ChallengeToday’s workout was definitely not good.  And it wasn’t really the fault of the workout.  I had to restart the whole thing 3 times!  I’d be either at the end of a workout, or in the middle of a workout, and the game would suddenly freeze and to get the Wii going again, I had to pull the plug.  The game had completely locked up the system.  I can’t figure out why it would do that, but if you’re reading this EA, I have a few suggestions:

First: I had to cheat to get the number of calories that I had already burned up until that point, and I managed to find a way to cheat with zero extra exersion on my part.

Suggestion: Have an emergency entry, so that the exercises that you have completed, as well as the number of calories, can be entered in times of crisis.  Without penalties toward your record.  If people use it to cheat, then it’s on them.. have it on an honor system, where the game doesn’t recognize it as your entry, but rather sees it the way it would if completed normally.  This would have saved me time getting back to the exercise I was ACTUALLY on.

Second: This is a problem that I have faced time and again, and today was no exception.  I would complete a rep, and the game didn’t recognize that the rep was complete, forcing me to do extra reps of the same move.

Suggestion: Add a button press that allows you to confirm the completion of a rep.  Make it difficult to do that, or something.  And have it generate the number of calories burned based on an average of the other reps in the exercise.

Third: I had problems, today, with the Wii Balance Board for Inline Skating.  It didn’t recognize that I was crouched down, when I was the entire time.  I should have been seeing the calories going up, but because I didn’t, I wound up cheating my way through that.  I didn’t want to get short changed on the calorie burn from that workout.

Suggestion: Use Wii Motion Plus for greater accuracy we the calorie counting. It gets kinda old when you’re in the middle of a maneuver and the calorie count stops moving.

Today, I also completed the last of all of the workouts that are involved in the game.  So I’ve done litterally everything that this game has to offer.  I’ve only got about four workouts left to go in this challenge, so stay tuned to find out what happens next, and to see how much weight I have lost from doing this program alone, without a change in diet.

Projected Cal Burn: 135.8; Actual: 133.5.  Boo.  Thanks, game, for freezing.  This is the second time the game has frozen on me in the middle of working out.  I blame the game, as no other games have ever done that prior or since.

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