EA Sports Active Blog: Day 22 – Lots of Upper Body

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EA Sports Active Bob GreeneToday’s workout had lots of upper body exercises.  It had some of most everything that I’ve done with my arms and upper body.  It was a pretty decent workout today, and managed to show me just how far I have come with the program.  This would have been a very hard workout to complete a month ago, when I started it.  Since I’ve been keeping up with it, though, the exercises are becoming much easier to complete.

There are some exercises, like the standing leg lift crunches (?) that I have no idea what they’re for.  It’s hard to tell why it’s even a workout.  Perhaps I’ll figure it out someday.

The point that I forgot in yesterday’s entry was about the encouragement of the trainer.  Throughout each exercise, he encourages you to set a great pace.  He tells you to push your limits, and he says to keep up the effort.  But when he tells you to go a little faster, and then he tells you to slow down immediately after you do, that’s something that I get pretty annoyed with.

And the earlier complaint held true today as well.  During alternating side lunges with toe touches, I got to the top of one lunge, and decided to just go into the next.  The game of course, has to read the remote as not moving in order to know to move onto the next rep.  Please please please incorporate the new Wii Motion Plus so that the game really does know when you’re doing things.  It’ll make for a much more accurate calorie count on many of the exercises as well.

Projected Calorie Burn 116.1; Actual: 128.6

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