EA Sports Active Blog: Day 17 – Tennis and Volleyball with the Balance Board

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EA Sports ActiveThis morning’s workout was definitely a very accelerated pace from prior workouts.  From the fast kick-ups over long distances, to running, to squats, it seemed to be a continuous battle to get to the end of some of the workouts.  Making it to the end, though, was worth it every time, though my arms and legs are starting to feel much tighter.  I’m looking forward to the break tomorrow.

There is an interesting dichotomy happening right now, as I have completed 12 full workouts out of 20.  I’m seeing results in my ability to do more of the reps with less of a struggle, sure.  But I’m not seeing the physical results that I want to see, yet.  I’m sure that will come with time, though, and I plan to do more things with this as well as other stuff after this first challenge is complete.  My goal for this one was to see what would happen if I change little else, and just do the program.  It seems to be working, but I’m hoping that I can start to see a physical transformation by the end of summer.

Today included both Tennis and Volleyball with the Wii Balance Board.  If you don’t have the Balance Board, then you probably get regular Tennis and Volleyball, as it’s not a requirement of this game, just extra if you do have it.  Both of those exercises were great this time around, and with Tennis in particular, the pace didn’t seem too quick to actually be able to do what they ask.

One thing that seems to be part of the daily routine in this program, however, is the sensitivity to the Wii Remote and Nunchuck sometimes seem a little off.  I’ll be doing something, and it won’t register with the game, and I’ll end up doing it for longer than I should, or I’ll miss a rep.  It’s something that I’ve noticed if I’m holding the remote only slightly in the wrong direction, and we’re talking very slightly, it doesn’t register that I’ve completed the rep.  Hopefully this is something that is overcome by the expansion pack that is coming this fall.

Overall, today, I did much better than yesterday.  I had a high goal to hit, and I made it.

Projected Calorie Burn: 167, Actual: 179.6

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