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30 Day ChallengeHere’s the start of my experience with EA Sports Active. If you’re interested in following my progress with the 30 Day Challenge, I’ll be writing about it as I make progress.

Today was my first experience with the game and it was also the first time I’ve really started to get some real exercise in a very long time, so I’m counting on seeing some results, and perhaps some of you will be inspired to join me in this endeavor.

Side note: the game has sold more than 600,000 copies since it’s release a couple of weeks ago, so you won’t be alone in this.

In my first day, it set a goal of burning 140 or so calories.  I would up burning 150+.  I did the medium routine, as you can select from three different levels.

My experience, however, is that exercise clothing is a must, so get some track pants and t-shirts and dress for the situation.

When I did it, I informed the game that I would also be using a Balance Board, so it incorporated that into parts of the training.  I found myself switching devices that I was using pretty frequently thoughout times of doing squats, walking, running, lunges and more.  It starts you out with only a few various exercises, and you can get instruction at any time on the exercise that you’re doing.

I did run into a few problems with it, though, as there were some times of innaccurate measures in the number of times I punched things and what it recorded on screen.  This game would do really well with the new Wii Motion Plus accessory that gives the Wii one to one accuracy.

When you start out the game you can select a personal trainer, choosing either a guy or a girl; whichever you’re more comfortable with.  For the record, I chose the guy.  You also have to give the game some stats to start with, so weigh yourself before you start for the first time.  It asks for your height, weight and age so that it can create the proper exercises just for you.

You also create an avatar of yourself (a very loose one) that you control on the screen.  It imitates your movements so you can match them up with the on-screen trainer.

It was a very good first day with the game, though, and I will get into more specifics in future blogs as I reach my goals.  I don’t want to get too detailed yet, however.  Look for more over the next 29 days!

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      Paul Martin

      So far, I haven’t weighed myself. I’m waiting until the end, before I do. One thing’s for sure, though, I am finding it easier and easier to do the exercises, every day that I do it.

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