Customer Support Spotlight – Rex, the King of the Road

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Time to shine the spotlight on one of our customer support specialists.  Not only does he work tirelessly to ensure that our customers receive the best quality care, in his spare time he enjoys the thrill of high speed racing.

“My family has always shared a love of racing.”

This love of racing is shared with his wife, and they enjoy all forms of racing with all of the adrenaline fueled driving that comes with it.  The chance of a lifetime came last week that gave him the opportunity to feed his need for speed.  It was at the local drag racing strip, where he watched his friends race their souped up Chevy, when he was given a chance to drive on a race track.

“I was told that this Test & Tune night was the perfect time to give it a go in my Subaru WRX 5-speed turbo with a 170,000 miles on it from many ski trips.”  And his wife Paula was all for it.

Event staff coached him on how to stage the lights at the starting line, as well as to go around the water box that the real race cars use to clean off and heat up their slicks in burnouts. Street tires would just retain the water in the tire tread.

Rex said he was very nervous before the first run, but a friend calmed him saying “when are you going to get another opportunity like this?”  With that in mind, he took off down the track.  Once he completed the first run, he got right back in line.  He made 3 runs that night in the quarter mile track.  His best run, an elapsed time of 15.944 seconds with a top speed of 89.60 miles per hour.

“Not too shabby for a four-banger turbo ski car, all done in safe setting, and much fun with friends and family.”

Paul Martin

Paul Martin

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