CPR on The Office (after the Super Bowl)

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After the Super Bowl, an episode of The Office aired, where they had CPR training for a scene. It was really incredible, and featured proper CPR instruction at times. The CPR class include using the BeeGee’s Stayin’ Alive to use the beat to match the proper rhythm of 100 beats per minute.

The episode was titled “Stress Relief” and you can watch the CPR portion here.

Paul Martin

Paul Martin

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  2. John Fineberg, EMT-B

    I admit, I’m not a fan of “The Office.” But I watched “ER” for all 15 seasons, and hardly missed an episode in all that time. Obviously I loved the show. Yet, as an EMT and an authorized provider of American Red Cross classes (with 24 years of teaching experience), I was appalled by how poorly they pretended to do CPR. After writing to the producers, I did notice an improvement in their television performance. We need to speak up when we see something that sets such a poor example for the viewing public. Who knows, we could save a life!

    1. ...

      it is supposed to be poorly done, thats whats funny… and i dont think people are tuning in to the office to learn about CPR

  3. Jerry

    I understand you wrote that post 3 years ago, but I still hope you get this. If you’re getting your life-saving skills from The Office, then you’re in trouble. I’m actually a little worried how an EMT with 24 years of teaching experience can have such a lack of common sense. Go back to ER for your education.

  4. mike

    The best video ever, I use it in all my CPR classes….lol yes you heard me I play the video in all my classes…If you have any expirence with performing cpr in real situations you will get it….

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