CPR Learned in School Saves Lives

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We’re working on something that could (and should) revolutionize CPR training, to make it affordable to all high and middle schools nationwide.  It should be ready in the next couple of weeks or so. Visit StudentCPR.com today!

If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us.  Sorry to be vague, but we’d like to launch with a big splash.

That said, here’s a story that reminds us all that learning CPR in school could prove to be the most valuable training in someone’s life.

A 13-year-old boy is expected to be okay, but there is no word on the condition of a 9-year-old who nearly drowned in an apartment complex swimming pool Monday evening.

Sioux Falls Police say the two boys were visiting friends at the apartments near East 10th Street and decided to go for a swim before they left. The 9-year-old boy slipped and fell into the deep end; the 13-year-old boy jumped into save him, but neither boy could swim. Fortunately, two teenagers heard the commotion, pulled the boys from the water and began performing CPR.

CPR courses in school helped save the lives of two boys at a Sioux Falls swimming pool.

The two teenagers who pulled the boys from a Sioux Falls pool Monday evening and started CPR say it’s a skill they never thought they’d need to use.

“To be able to have the initiative to get down there and just do it, that’s what it’s all about. You have to get down and help that person,” Sioux Falls Fire and Rescue Captain Kelly Grogan said.

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Stay tuned for more soon.

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Paul Martin

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  1. felistas

    Very enlightening. we renew our BLS certificates yearly where i work in a Nairobi city, Kenya, East Africa hospital and this serves as a weekly sensitizer for me. Keep up the excellent job.

  2. DeTonda Clinkscale

    I would love to receive more information about getting CPR into our schools. I believe it should be a requirement and could save more lives throughout our world.

  3. Elena Singh

    I have been looking for a cost effective way to train our Girl Scout troop in CPR. We, as leaders, are required to maintain certification but we quickly realized the girls have no idea what to do. I would like more information on the student training program. We are attached to a parochial school so maybe we could open it to the classes as well!

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