CPR Education can help Triple Cardiac-Arrest Survival Rate

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danish-flag-cprIn Denmark, they started a country-wide effort to teach all of their citizens the life-saving skill of CPR.  The effort started in 2005 with the release of 150,000 instructional kits to their residents.  They also started to teach CPR to kids in elementary school, as well as require teens to learn it to get their driver’s license.  The effectiveness of these efforts has been striking, and underscores the need for this training to be required in more places here in the United States, which is reflected in the increase in states requiring CPR training for students prior to graduation from high school.

Let’s take a look at the numbers from Denmark in 2001 and 2010 to see how much their efforts have helped.

In 2001:

Bystander CPR on Cardiac Arrest Victims: 22%
Cardiac Arrest Victims who arrive at a Hospital Alive: 8%
Patients alive after 30 days: 3.5%
Patients alive after one year: 3%

In 2010:

Bystander CPR on Cardiac Arrest Victims: 45%
Cardiac Arrest Victims who arrive at a Hospital Alive: 22%
Patients alive after 30 days: 11%
Patients alive after one year: 10%

To be clear, these increases are due to a combination of efforts to teach people CPR and also to increase the level of care that patients receive from both hospitals and emergency medical services.  The results, however, are testimony to the simple fact that learning CPR can make a difference.

via USA Today

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