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CPR Dummy Security System


I just read a story about a man from Detroit that uses CPR manikins as part of his home security.  He’s dressed them up in clothing and placed them by windows and doorways.  And so far, it seems to have worked.  He got the idea from someone that was using the same tactic across town from him.  I wonder if that person didn’t get the idea from a scene in the movie Home Alone, where Kevin McCallister uses a variety of manikins and other human shaped items to fool some thieves into thinking that there was a party going on.

This is on top of other security provisions including a pair of guard dogs, flood lights, alarms, bars on doors and windows, and two re-enforced doors.  He’s had police officers stop, take a look, and then tell him what a great idea it was.  He has also placed security cameras in their eyes and mouths from time to time.

If you’re just driving past the house, you might glance over and think there are real people sitting there, and you wouldn’t be the first.  “A car will come by and they pick my place because I keep it nice. They’ll slow down, see the dummies and take off. They come back around and look again. Eventually if they figure out they are dummies they are also figuring out that now they’re being watched. They keep moving. They don’t stop,” he said.  “What’s behind those dummies? You have to ask that. If you get past the lights, alarm, dogs, doors and dummies, then you have another problem, you have to deal with me. My home is my castle.”

In case you were wondering, we do offer CPR dummies in our store, so you too can get started on a home security system today!  Clothing and other accessories are not included.

-via WWLP and Click On Detroit

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