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Online CPR Certification, Not a Scam: Gossip, Lies, & Misconceptions

In Approval, Blended CPR, CPR, CPR, Effectiveness, ProTrainings by Scott Andersen10 Comments

We’ve been receiving some pretty emotionally-charged messages lately from rival CPR instructors in our neck of the Internet, so I wanted to take the opportunity to clear up some of the misconceptions people have about online CPR training, particularly the training we offer here at ProCPR. There are some CPR instructors out there who will tell you that all online …

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CPR Education can help Triple Cardiac-Arrest Survival Rate

In CPR, Effectiveness, Training by Paul MartinLeave a Comment

In Denmark, they started a country-wide effort to teach all of their citizens the life-saving skill of CPR.  The effort started in 2005 with the release of 150,000 instructional kits to their residents.  They also started to teach CPR to kids in elementary school, as well as require teens to learn it to get their driver’s license.  The effectiveness of …

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Pennsylvania Requires High Performance CPR for EMS

In CPR, CPR, Effectiveness by Paul Martin1 Comment

The Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of EMS, made a special announcement in March 2013.  The state would be requiring their emergency medical services personnel to use High Performance CPR beginning on July 1, 2013. ALL EMS personnel, QRS, BLS, and ALS EMS Agencies will be using the high performance CPR approach to manage cardiac arrests beginning July 1, 2013. …

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CPR Every Year or Every Two Years

In CPR, Effectiveness, ProTrainings, Training by Dan Hendrick1 Comment

What we hear from our clients daily revolves around two key points: 1. Must I have staff trained every year? Time and money are in short supply. 2. May I have my staff certify every year? Two years between certifications is too long to retain proper skills. Unless your state mandates annual training, there are some providers that may adjust …

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Santa Cruz student suffers Cardiac Arrest in PE Class

In CPR, Effectiveness, Rescues by Paul Martin6 Comments

A student from Harbor High School went into cardiac arrest during his physical education class on Wednesday morning. The students were jogging when the incident happened.  It was shortly after they had begun when the student fell to the ground.  Fellow students called out for the teacher, Bassel Faltas, who ran about 100 yards to the scene.  He also called …

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Longer CPR can Backfire for Cardiac Arrest Patients, according to a new study

In CPR, Effectiveness by Paul Martin1 Comment

A group in Canada studied nearly 10,000 cardiac arrest patients.  They divided their rescue teams into two groups: those who would perform 30-60 seconds of initial CPR, and those who would perform three minutes of CPR.  The results showed that about six percent of patients in both groups lived to be discharged from the hospital. Where the numbers were rather …

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CPR saves life of Dog in Australia

In CPR, Effectiveness, Rescues by Paul Martin1 Comment

Pet CPR is becoming more popular these days.  Recently the life of a dog was saved by the simple knowledge of CPR.  The dog was drowning in floodwaters, and that is where the story starts. A Kuranda woman jumped into floodwaters to rescue a drowning dog then gave it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to bring it back to life. Petra Lovey yesterday …

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2010 CPR Guideline Updates

In AHA, CPR, Effectiveness, Hands-Only CPR, Training by Paul Martin1 Comment

Here are a few of the changes in CPR Guidelines for 2010.  This makes a few significant changes from the 2005 guidelines.  The focus with these changes is on good chest compressions.  Here are just a few of the differences between the 2005 and 2010 guidelines. We’re going to be working on updating the videos on our websites as soon …