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Australian Man saves Wallaby from Drowning with CPR

In CPR, Rescues by Paul Martin1 Comment

Mick Hussin has saved a couple of animals with CPR.  The first time was about ten years ago, when he saved a malnourished Great Dane-Rottweiler puppy.  He said the puppy had worn its paws down to the bone trying to escape from a concrete enclosure.  This time, however, it was a much larger animal. Hussin was relaxing with a beer …

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Should Bartenders be Required to Learn CPR?

In CPR, CPR, Training by Paul Martin4 Comments

That’s the question that has been brought up by a lawmaker in Utah, who wants bartenders to undergo CPR training to deal with emergencies on the job.  Rep. Spencer Cox plans to pursue a statewide requirement. He feels that the training makes sense in places that serve or sell alcohol, because there is a greater potential for violence and fighting.  …

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Study finds CPR is Underused by Minorities

In CPR by Paul Martin3 Comments

A recent study has shown that cost, fear and a lack of information are some of the major reasons that many minority groups in U.S. cities don’t perform CPR, or even learn it.  The study suggests that the way CPR classes are pitched may need to change, to get more people trained.  For traditional, in-classroom courses, they were promoted to …

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Pennsylvania Requires High Performance CPR for EMS

In CPR, CPR, Effectiveness by Paul Martin1 Comment

The Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bureau of EMS, made a special announcement in March 2013.  The state would be requiring their emergency medical services personnel to use High Performance CPR beginning on July 1, 2013. ALL EMS personnel, QRS, BLS, and ALS EMS Agencies will be using the high performance CPR approach to manage cardiac arrests beginning July 1, 2013. …

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Free CPR Training for High Schoolers

In CPR, CPR, Featured Stories, School & Student CPR by Scott Andersen5 Comments

There were 16.3 million students enrolled in public high schools in the U.S. in 2008 — students who are eager to learn CPR and save lives. At least, that’s what we’ve found talking to high school students throughout Michigan this past year. This is great news! But there’s a problem — school budget cuts are making it difficult for schools to afford …

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CPR in Sports: Baseball Umpire Saves Employee

In CPR, CPR in Sports, ProTrainings, Rescues by Katrina ScheerLeave a Comment

Jim Joyce, a veteran baseball umpire, had no idea what was in store for him when he was getting ready for a game between the Marlins and Diamondbacks in Arizona on Monday night. According to an article by Scott Miller, Joyce was walking out of his dressing room when he saw a game-day Diamondback employee having a seizure. He knew that he needed …

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CPR in Entertainment: Dumb and Dumber

In CPR in Entertainment by Paul Martin2 Comments

Recently someone reminded me of a scene in the movie Dumb and Dumber that featured and attempt at CPR.  It’s a pretty classic scene that goes horribly wrong. In the scene, someone called Mental is holding Harry and Lloyd hostage.  They stop to get something to eat, and Harry and Lloyd try a prank which brings about an allergic reaction.  …