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How long does Hepatitis C last outside the body?

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Hepatitis C: appropriate to its intimidating name, it comes with dangerous health consequences, causing an attack on the liver an inflammatory infection.  It’s one of several hepatitis viruses, and is considered one of the most serious. Compared to other viruses, the hepatitis C is the most serious of the hepatitis viruses. As for surviving outside the body, HCV can live …

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One Minute of Video Based CPR Training could Save Lives

In CPR, Research by Paul Martin1 Comment

A new report has verified something we’ve been saying for years.  Video based CPR training works.  And researchers have just revealed findings from a controlled study that took place in a shopping mall.  The researchers used a one minute video with the goal of improving responsiveness and to teach compression only CPR to people with no CPR experience. The near-100 …

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How long should you continue CPR? Longer than 30 Minutes

In CPR, Research by Paul Martin5 Comments

A new study has found that keeping resuscitation efforts going for longer could improve brain function in survivors.  The sooner that CPR is started after someone’s heart stops, the better.  That we can all agree on.  Now, Japanese researchers report that continuing CPR for a half-hour or more may help victims survive with good brain function – even after a …

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Is that Fear I smell?

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Can certain smells help you tackle your fears? US researchers suggest that it’s a possibility, if you’re sleeping that is. In the study, people were trained to associate two different images that were linked to smells, with fear. They were then exposed to one of those smells while they slept, and upon awakening, were less frightened of the image that …

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Happiness Under the Microscope: Part I

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Our body recognizes that at a molecular level, happiness is not created equal. It responds in different ways that help or harm our health, according to a new study led by Barbara L. Fredrickson, Kenan Distinguished Professor of psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. “A functional genomic perspective on …

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Great step towards the cure for blindness

In Health and Safety, Medical, ProTrainings, Research, Science by Elizabeth Shaw5 Comments

An animal study in the journal Nature Biotechnology showed the part of the eye which “actually detects light can be repaired using stem cells.” There is a team at Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College in London that say human trials are now, for the first time, a realistic prospect. Also, experts described it as a “significant breakthrough” and “huge leap” …

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Toppling TV Causes Child Injuries Numbers to Rise

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If you’re a parent, you’ve probably imagined the dangers your child could potentially face at least once. Amongst these dangers, a tottering TV most likely didn’t make the top of the list. However, a recent study shows parents should pay more attention to television safety. (Besides the fact that most kids are probably watching too much, but that’s a different story.) An average of 17,000 …

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Down’s Syndrome Genetic Advance

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Scientists in the US say that they have moved closer to being able to treat disorders that are caused by an extra chromosome. They say they have “switched off” the chromosome that causes the symptoms seen in Down’s syndrome in cells in the lab. The research, published in Nature, could possibly lead to new medical treatments for the condition one …

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Gang members prone to mental illness

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A new UK study says that young men in gangs are significantly more likely to suffer from a mental disorder and need psychiatric help than other young men. The study surveyed 108 gang members and found that half had an anxiety disorder, more than 85% a personality disorder and 25% screened positive for psychosis. Experts said opportunities to help young …