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What’s New in CPR and First Aid this year?

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We’ve finally released a project that has been months in the making. There are new guidelines for CPR and first aid, and we’re excited to have all of these updates available in our training library. If you’ve taken a class recently and would like to know what has changed since your class, there are a few videos that we’d like to …

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Saved a Life: Mother saves son days after learning CPR

In CPR, CPR, Customer Stories, Family, Featured Stories, First Aid, Inspirational Stories, ProFirstAid, ProTrainings, Rescues, Training by Elizabeth Shaw6 Comments

CPR training came just in time for a mother and her child. Tammy Schneider, a Kent District Library employee for 14 years, was told that the library was putting together an online CPR and First Aid training for all staff through a company called ProTrainings. “Personally, I thought it was a great idea,” said Schneider. “I think that anytime you can learn …

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What do Sumo wrestlers, cardboard boxes, and CPR training have in common?

In Blended CPR, CPR, CPR, Featured Stories, First Aid, ProFirstAid, ProTrainings, Training by Elizabeth Shaw4 Comments

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could complete your CPR training entirely online? Can you imagine how convenient and efficient it would be to start and finish your learning CPR experience from the comfort of your own home? Can you imagine paying a fraction of the cost for your training kit and classes than what you pay now? This isn’t …

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Are Hospitals Banning New CPR Certification Technology?

In Approval, CPR, First Aid, ProCPR vs. Traditional Training, ProFirstAid, ProTrainings, Training by Roy Shaw6 Comments

“I’d love to use flexible, online CPR certification, but my boss told me it is our policy not to allow online CPR certifications. What am I supposed to do?” Reports of certain hospitals preventing the use of technology to complete ongoing education and credentialing may be causing confusion regarding the validity of accredited, blended e-learning solutions. While extremely busy nurses …

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Mutts with a Mission

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“What’s your opinion on the best behaved dog?” Tina asked “The one who spends a lot of time with its owner,” he answered. Tina, one of our lovely live chat consultants, told me about an organization she heard about today while chatting with one of our customers. He was looking for CPR and First Aid certification, because he teaches dog …

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New website, new courses, new features, oh my!

In CPR, Ergonomics, First Aid, Health and Safety, ProFirstAid, ProTrainings, Training by Katrina Scheer2 Comments

We’re very excited about the launch of our newly redesigned corporate website — take a look at Check out all the great programs and exciting things we have to offer, including several new courses: Healthcare ergonomics: OSHA compliant training for safely lifting and moving people Workplace ergonomics: OSHA compliant training for lifting and moving objects ProCPR Basic: Adult CPR and AED training ProFirstAid Only: …

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Isn’t Online CPR Certification an Oxymoron?

In CPR, First Aid, Hands-Only CPR, ProCPR vs. Traditional Training, ProFirstAid, ProTrainings by Scott Andersen4 Comments

I was spending some time on Twitter recently when I saw a message that caught me off guard. It read, “Isn’t online CPR certification an oxymoron?” As the co-founder of a company that provides online CPR certification, I have become accustomed to defending our business and explaining why online training is a better way to learn. But the way this …

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The Difference between Lay Rescuer and Professional – Customer Support

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There are different types of CPR. The ProCPR certification is a Healthcare Provider level certification. Healthcare Provider means that you will have training in adult, child, and infant CPR/AED for 1 and 2 rescuers. You will learn how to check for a pulse and how to give rescue breathing for a person who has a pulse, but is not breathing. …

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2010 CPR Guideline Training Videos Now Available Here

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We worked pretty hard on the training video library.  We spent time re-filming all of the necessary videos to cover the 2010 CPR guideline updates.  The updates apply to our CPR and First Aid training libraries: ProCPR Training Videos ProFirstAid Training Videos ProFirstAid Basic Training Videos ProFirstAid Advanced Training Videos It has been a lot of work, but it’s worth …