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The Virtual Autopsy

In In Memoriam, Med School, Medical Technology, ProTrainings, Research by Elizabeth Shaw6 Comments

For those who view postmortems for suspect-conviction purposes, an autopsy is a fundamental means in investigating an unexplained death. A team at the university of Zurich, Switzerland are pioneering a new way of performing autopsies. It’s known as a digital postmortem, or virtopsy. Although this is an exciting development, there are no plans to do away with the material scalpel …

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Med Students: Would a College Edition of Kindle be Worth it?

In Med School by Paul Martin3 Comments

A bit of history. has created a book reading device called “Kindle.” I’ve not used one myself, because of the sheer price of owning one ($359). From what I understand, they have a great screen that is easy on the eyes, and it actually reads like a book, making for a comfortable read that is also paperless. Another important …