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Apps bring Medical Help Fast before Cardiac Arrest can Kill You

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In an effort to bring help when it is needed most, there are applications to bring help when you witness a cardiac arrest. In the UK, the London Ambulance Service has started using an app called GoodSAM. In the US, there’s a similar system called PulsePoint. In Stockholm, Sweden, an app called SMS-Lifesavers has been running since 2010. In Sweden, …

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Dr. James Jude, who pioneered CPR, has passed away at 87

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Dr. James Jude developed CPR in 1960, after observing colleagues Dr. William Kouwenhoven and graduate student Guy Knickerbocker’s work with defibrillators. Dr. Kouwenhoven is the developer of the defibrillator and Knickerbocker was doing work with fibrillating dogs at the time. Jude figured that pressure applied rhythmically to the center of the chest, with the heel of the hand, could jump-start …

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“The amount of blood was amazing…” Why You Should Know how to Handle a Deadly Fall

In In Memoriam, Inspirational Stories, Inspirational/thought provoking/interesting, ProTrainings, Rescues by Elizabeth Shaw4 Comments

Deb Nordlie was just leaving a restaurant and going to her car when she saw a woman trip over a curb and hit the ground hard. Nordlie said, “The amount of blood was amazing. I dashed over and made her stay steady. Two passersby asked how they could help, so I had one call 911 and the other go back …

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4 Chemicals That Could Be In Your Drinking Water

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According to recent research, there could be some dangerous chemicals in the water you drink. Also, he filter you currently use may not be getting rid of them. “Check your city’s annual water report and choose filters that are certified for removing contaminants in your area,” says Cheryl Luptowski, a home-safety expert for NSF International. Here are some of the main …

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Woman Suffers Mini-stroke at 24

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Sarah Silverman, no relation to the Wreck-It Ralph actress: A 24 year old women with a hectic, full life, one that didn’t factor in a medical emergency.  “At 24years old,” she said, “I never saw this coming.” “About three months ago, I was standing in my kitchen making dinner when my vision went blurry. My heart was pounding. I had …

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Vaccinations: The Other Side of The Story

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An essay was recently published on a woman named Amy Parker who was never immunized as a child. As a result, she ended up developing measles, mumps, rubella,  a type of viral meningitis, scarlatina, whooping cough, annual tonsillitis, and chicken pox in the course of her childhood. “My mother would have put most of my current ‘crunchy’ friends to shame,” …

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Teen Dies on Delta Flight

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A 16-year-old boy  died after suffering a medical emergency on  Delta Flight 128 flying from Seattle to Atlanta. The young man, Zachery Bisiar, was flying  family members Saturday when “he went into medical distress.” The cause of death is still pending, but a Spokane medical examiner said “the cause of death is pending, but is thought to be “a rare …