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Webelos Scout Leader Uses His CPR Training to Save a Stranger’s Life

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Imagine going on a family vacation to the beach. The feeling of sand between your toes and sounds of the rolling of the waves. The sun shines hot as both children and adults enjoy the water. Imagine now, that you hear panicked cries for help. A man you don’t know is carrying a man named Alex to shore and is …

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Adorable pool rescue to make your day!

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You thought the fireman resuscitating a kitten was adorable? Wait until you witness this heartwarming rescue. Rick Gruber, a pool repairman in Phoenix, Arizona found a little ground squirrel floating in a pool near where he was working. Rather than fishing it out and dumping it in the weeds, he tried to resuscitate it with compressions. Lucky for this little munchkin, …

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“The amount of blood was amazing…” Why You Should Know how to Handle a Deadly Fall

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Deb Nordlie was just leaving a restaurant and going to her car when she saw a woman trip over a curb and hit the ground hard. Nordlie said, “The amount of blood was amazing. I dashed over and made her stay steady. Two passersby asked how they could help, so I had one call 911 and the other go back …

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Saved a Life: Mother saves son days after learning CPR

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CPR training came just in time for a mother and her child. Tammy Schneider, a Kent District Library employee for 14 years, was told that the library was putting together an online CPR and First Aid training for all staff through a company called ProTrainings. “Personally, I thought it was a great idea,” said Schneider. “I think that anytime you can learn …

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Man’s reaching for a healthier life loses 300 lbs.

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If you were to ask Ryan “Mac” McDonald’s family and friends to describe him, they would say he is “a teddy bear: charismatic, gentle and unassuming.” While all that is true, Mac was like a teddy bear in another, more literal way; he weighed the same amount as one. For his 25th birtday, the former Texas all-state offensive lineman’s friends …

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Boy with mitochondrial disease takes first steps, gives parents hope

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Most parents marvel at their child and giggle words of joy and encouragement when their child takes their first steps, usually within the first 12 months or so of his or her life. For parents Joshua and Sierra Buffum of Jackson, MI, they weren’t able to experience this moment for 4 1/2 years. In fact, they didn’t think it was something they’d …