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Adorable pool rescue to make your day!

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You thought the fireman resuscitating a kitten was adorable? Wait until you witness this heartwarming rescue. Rick Gruber, a pool repairman in Phoenix, Arizona found a little ground squirrel floating in a pool near where he was working. Rather than fishing it out and dumping it in the weeds, he tried to resuscitate it with compressions. Lucky for this little munchkin, …

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Saved a Life: Mother saves son days after learning CPR

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CPR training came just in time for a mother and her child. Tammy Schneider, a Kent District Library employee for 14 years, was told that the library was putting together an online CPR and First Aid training for all staff through a company called ProTrainings. “Personally, I thought it was a great idea,” said Schneider. “I think that anytime you can learn …

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Red Light, Green Light-Food Edition

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Massachusetts General Hospital’s cafeteria was given a makeover in March, 2010. Foods that were healthy were given a “green light,” while less healthy foods were given a yellow one, and the unhealthiest foods were labeled with a “red light.”  Besides this, the healthy foods were placed in easy to access in the cafeteria, and the unhealthy foods were placed below eye …

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Help Yourself Relax During the Holidays!

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The Holidays – some see it as a lovely time of relaxation, friends, family, and peace on earth, others see it as a cacophony of shopping, parties, and stressful to-do lists. However, there are some great tips from Women’s Health Magazine that I’d like to pass along that should help break that vicious stress cycle that we seem to fall …

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Social media – promoting a lower quality of life?

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Social media-the world’s greatest and newest tool for communication. While this is all well and good, there are certain aspects of social media that can be harmful. It can give us a sense of competition, depression, and jealousy, many times subconsciously. Let’s face it, seeing the “flawless” posted pictures of your one of your “friends,” or hearing them rant about …

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12 Tips for Living as a healthy Mommy

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You’ve just had a baby, and to you, the phrase “healthy mom,” may be a cause for a snicker or two. The experiences of snuggling, baby kisses and laughter are invaluable, but because of this different time in your life, you eat mostly on the go, there’s  hardly any time for exercise, and sleep is low-priority. However, you well-being is …