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CPR in Entertainment: The Sandlot

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CPR has been on screen countless times, but sometimes more memorable than others.  One of the most memorable is the one in The Sandlot.  Set in 1962, it is about a boy who is new to the neighborhood that makes friends with the kids at a local lot where they play baseball every day.  It’s a modern classic, and if …

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CPR in Entertainment: Movies and Television

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We’re going to start a series of entries on CPR as it happens in movies and television shows.  It happens pretty regularly, and not always correctly.  In fact, it happens incorrectly more often than not. We’re going to look at one scene per movie or television series for each entry.  We’ll be looking at classic scenes from films like The …

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CPR on The Office (after the Super Bowl)

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After the Super Bowl, an episode of The Office aired, where they had CPR training for a scene. It was really incredible, and featured proper CPR instruction at times. The CPR class include using the BeeGee’s Stayin’ Alive to use the beat to match the proper rhythm of 100 beats per minute. The episode was titled “Stress Relief” and you …