Business Hiccups Create Opportunities

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There always seems to be things that pop up in business to keep one humble. Frustrated customers who are really more angry at the situation than at the customer support professional, a leaky window in the programmers office every time we get a driving rain that can’t be fixed by the window repair company. Not to mention the little derailments like cans of Coke accidentally left in the freezer too long, exploding, heaving slushy cola all over the interior of the freezer. We open the door to find frozen stalactites hanging from every bar and brace in the freezer.

Oh, speaking of kitchen problems, how about the time one of our professionals was distracted from washing dishes in the break-room.   He left the water running as he ran out to answer a compliance call for one of our treasured customers.   Water filled the sink and was now cascading down onto the floor, under the cupboards, and into the basement office below.

I’ll never forget the programmer who found it.  He walked into the customer solutions office with a freshly made mocha java in one hand, swirling his spoon in the coffee with the other.  Very peacefully, he said “Is it bad that there’s water pouring over the break room floor and running out into the hallway?”

Well, this weekend was another one of those humbling times. Our director of IT noticed that at around 9pm EST we discovered some technical issues with one of our vendors which effected a number of our customers.

Monday morning we found out just how much our customers rely on us over the weekend. There were more than the average number of voicemails and e-mails. We knew we needed to contact our students who were effected by the issue.

Monday morning is when I really saw what kind of team we have at Everyone sprang into action and began calling and emailing the students and visitors who were effected by the issue. It was great to watch our team of professionals roll up their sleeves and do what it took to contact our customers and make every effort to communicate our sincere wish to be their favorite training company. Everyone who left a message was contacted by mid day.

It can be a real challenge to run a company with all its quirks and hiccups from time to time. But the good part about having these little set-backs is that it allows an opportunity to look back and see how a team of professionals can work together and that they all have the vision to help those who save and improve precious lives.

Roy Shaw

Roy Shaw

Roy is the lead trainer and co-founder of ProTrainings. He is also an EMT paramedic whose opinions about rescue come from many years of experience on the ambulance. In his spare time, Roy is also the host of a video podcast called Roy on Rescue, a show where Roy lets his “Training Mask” slip a little and reveals some of the more personal things about himself and his business and training career.

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