Bill would require students to perform hands-on CPR

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When it comes to CPR training, people always think of the hands-on training that folks are required to do the first time they take CPR.

Hands-on skills practice is a good thing, which is why we have Blended CPR.  CPR isn’t brain surgery, but most folks feel more comfortable if they’ve practiced doing the physical motor skills training on dummies that don’t ever really feel like what it does when you’re actually performing CPR on a real person.

Now a proposal has passed the Senate that would require Hands-on CPR practice in high school resuscitation programs.

The measure sponsored by Republican Sen. Jim Tracy of Shelbyville was approved 31-0 on Monday. The companion bill is still awaiting a vote in the House Education Committee.

Instead of just requiring instruction in the techniques and skills associated with CPR, the proposal would require “students learn the techniques and practice the psychomotor skills associated with performing CPR.”


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  1. alice carmon

    I have been a nurse for 43 years and i do not net the hands-on. all i need is the refressher course. i do not feel that everyone should have to go thru the hands-on. alice carmon

  2. barbara mowbray

    I think that hands on is good practice for everyone sometimes in my 46 years of nursong I would go for a long time iwht no codes I recently helped at the junior high and we let the kids do the hands on
    they did not get a cerificate but they did get to do the compressions and it was good for me to be on my toes

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