Behind the Scenes of the ProTrainings Video Intro

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Creating the new introduction video for our content was a fun experience, and required the help of a good friend of mine that composes music.  It started out as a way to simplify the number of videos that we would need to create.

We have videos that we serve that are unique to different programs that we offer.  We also have videos that are required as parts of multiple training programs.  We used to have introductions that were particular to the program that people were on.  That became a problem when we either had to create a duplicate version of the same video with a different introduction, or we could simply reuse the same video with a different video introduction and confuse people.

What I decided to do was to create a single introduction that could be applied to all of the videos that we create for the company sites.  I assembled a couple of versions of the introduction.  One runs for six seconds and only plays on the first video of each training course.  The other runs only two seconds and appears on the rest of the videos so that it’s there for branding, but doesn’t get in the way.

After I created the graphics, I knew that I would need sound to go with it.  I am good at video production, but sound production is not a specialty of mine.  I know a number of people that write music, so I went to one of my friends to come up with a soundtrack for each of these intros, a composer named Teddy Blass.  What he came up with matched up perfectly with the video content, and gives the video a professional feel that we were looking for.  Plus, if you’re on a computer with more bass, you can hear a heartbeat in the background.

Paul Martin

Paul Martin

I am the Director of Multimedia at ProTrainings, as well as the primary blogger here. I take care of the video editing, graphic design and corporate branding that you see on every video and every page on this site, as well as at ProCPR®, ProFirstAid®, ProBloodborne, StudentCPR, etc. My work is literally everywhere that ProTrainings goes. I also handle our Twitter accounts, so be sure to follow us there, if you use twitter! You can be sure that I’m not just an average joe writing this blog, but one of the founders of the company.

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